Atomic Bomb Cenotaph

On April 8th, 1970 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of exposure to radiation from the bombing , Association of Kanagawa atomic bomb victims made the monument to the atomic bomb victims; Atomic Bomb cenotaph in the of Oofuna Kannon. Foundation stone was donated to the monument by Sairenji which was located at the epicenter in Hiroshima and stone was donated from Uragami Cathedral in Nagasaki, also. Each stone exposed to the atomic bomb is put on the raft on which letters “thousand crane” is carved and figures are drawn that atomic bomb victims are heading for peace hill on the base.  In addition, keloid tiles and articles from The 5th Fukuryumaru were donated by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
Also, there is a “Tower of Atomic Flame” in the right hand to the monument. There is Hoshino Village in the southeast of Fukuoka Pref. and on the prefectural boundary with Ohita Pref.. Mr. Tatsuo Yamamoto who was born and grew up there got call warrant and was on a train for Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. The atomic bomb was dropped at 8:15 am. He looked for his uncle all over in the city and found the still flickering flame around his uncle’s house and moved the flame to a body warmer stick. The flame was lit on a Buddhist altar in his house at a Hoshino Village. They were kept as they were. In 1966, he told this story to a newspaper journalist. “This is the flame for praying for my uncle, the flame for mourning for the people who died in the atomic bomb, the flame for hoping lasting peace and the flame of grudge.”  In 1968 the ember of the atomic bombing was moved to Tower of Peace in Hoshino Village.  The flame separated from this Tower of Peace is kept on being lit in Atomic Flame Tower in Oofuna Kannonji. In front of this monument, the memorial service to the atomic bomb victims is held every September.