One day Zen School (Kojirinn)

Every 18th,each month except May 18 . It is held on Kannon day. You part from daily life, and get oneself for a little time. You can taught the life of Zen during making Zen meditation, chanting sutra, working, and the inside in a small room while hearing the sound in the bamboo forest.


The mind of Zen meditation is important to sit by only sitting, not to understand something. 9 o'clock to 9:50. Chanting sutra in the morning Chanting sutra for world peace and world public peace and health is holding a service for Sakyamuni Buddha and Ancestors of Zen ancestors for 30minites from 10 o'clock.


Cleaning the rooms, the passage, the rest room, and the garden, etc. at 10:40 to 10:50. This is also a training as Zen meditation and chanting sutra.


Lunch is taken at 12t o 12:30 of inside food. It eats rice gruel or the boiled rice and barley according to manners of the Zen temple.


clean-up of the meal at 12:30 to one o'clock and the following Baikaryu Eisannka is prepared . If you want to join it, it’s possible .


Please participate by clothes by which the body is not tightened to do Zen meditation and Working. Please apply for the person who hopes for participation by E-mail by 3:00PM of the day before. Cost is 1000 yen a person.




Sunday Zazen

・Every Sunday, 9 to 10 o'clock (After Zazen, coffee klatch)

・Fee is 300 yen per each (text 500 yen)

Will you sit quietly parting from busy in daily life, Zen practice make It settles down little by little the mind. Even the beginners can be participate. In an after coffee klatch of Zazen, something might be likely to be taught to the average of training monk's story and participant's story. Please apply for the person who hopes for participation by telephone.