Shohshin-kokyou is reflection and knowing about good and evil by reflecting self doing and mind through teachings of elder monk. The first floor is reception, second is traing room of Baikaryou Eisanka and a hall of the Buddhist service. The Kannons is enshrined to this hall. This Kannon is what Mr. Kitamura Seibo who had died at the age of 104 in 1987 made, and the one by the contribution of Mr. Ono Isamu who is said virtual those who establish it by the president of Morinaga Milk Industry Ltd..










Because the 19th generation in chief temple Soji-ji Temple in obtain realizing like a sea far left from the land, and reached the stage that might not learn anything any longer exceeding sea victory Zekkaian was built, exceeding sea priest of a Buddhist temple's is room and drawing room in the building that is called so.



Jikhodho is called from meaning of conferring a benefit to everything with life so light shot from amount of ShoKanzenonn-Bosatsu-Ritsuzo. It’s for Sunday Zen meditation and having Buddhist service. One tree construction Kanzebosatsu Stature in the Heian era latter term (Fujiwara age) that can be seen only  first three days on January is enshrined. 


Sho Kanzenonn Bosatsu Stature

The height of the statue   81.5 cm
The height of the base     24.5cm
In the Judgment document by Mr. Jiro Shibue a curator of Kamakura Museum, “This statue is made in complexly technique of carving in one wood. It can be considered from the style that this was made in about the 12th century. Forming is precise and ingenious. There is refined technique on face or appearance. There are many parts restored, but foundation part is remained in its original state, so it is very valuable statue. Both hands, Clothes, what to be held in hands, toe, halo where had been restored later might have been made by a former possessor, Mr. Chohun Yamazaki”.  This statue is opened to the public from January 1st to 3rd.

Byakue Kannon

The body is white yellow, the robe is white, the lotus flower in the left hand, the right hand puts on the waist front that five fingers are expanded, and always sits on the stand of the lotus flower and Zen meditation is done. Byakue Kannon is the one of the 33 Kannon , That is for sickness-less protection against disasters, giving child, easy birth and  child's healthy growth .






Sanmon is one of buildings in Zen Monastery. Befor it was written "Sanmon" means three gates. There were three gates on   the south, and east and west of the Zen temple. Being written that three gate is Sannon depends on many of temples’ having been built in the mountain. This sanmon is donated by the Mr. Miura Masao of the chairman of the association of maintaining firmly in November, 1985.




Building to hang and to make sound temple bell. The temple bell is the one to which it was contributed by Mr. Suzuki, the third generation in eldest son of the establishment person in Ajinomoto Ltd. president in April, 1964. It announces the hours at 6:00AM and noon every day.